International Credit Card Openpay Service
Openpay is an easy global card payment service offered through Paygate’s patented Multi Payment Gateway applied to Amount Authentication platform,traffic processed real-time in liaison with a global financial institute that provides the optimum payment environment.
Convenient payment

Active X free, Plug-in free, and App free payment type. Simultaneous authentication and verification to maximize customer convenience. Online purchasers can make direct payments without cardholder verification. Payment completed by entering card numbers, valid date, and 6 digit authentication code from card company’s sms.

Cross-Platform Payment Service

Cross-Platform enables unlimited device and platform. Payment available on HTML5 web standard environment independently of plug-ins or mobile Apps. Instant response on all browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE, Konqueror, etc., and various devices like personal computer, smart phone, tablets, smart TV., IP TV Set-top box, E-Book terminal, and automotive navigation system.

Cross-Border Payment Service

This payment service is available anywhere in the world with unlimited amount of fund. Whether issued in Korea or international, any credit card can be processed through Amount Authentication payment system in over 170 currencies.

Integral and Secure Payment

We offer thorough backup, constant monitoring, and multi-language customer satisfaction system, FDS™ (Fraud Detection System), and internationally certified Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.

◎ Korean Credit Card → Online Mall payment service with local Korean Credit card
1. Overview

ㆍAll Available Credit Cards in Korea.(KB, BC, SAMSUNG, SHINHAN, LOTTE, KEB, HYUNDAI, ETC…)
ㆍWe support multiple security authorization methods. 

Authorization Method Features
ISP Only for KB / BC card users. Authorization by digital certificate installed on the PC (computer)
Visa 3D(Ansim) Only for SAMSUNG, SHINHAN, LOTTE, KEB, HYUNDAI card. Authorize by digital certificate installed in pc
OPENPAY(Amount Authorization) All domestic credit cards are compatible with Paygate’s own Amount Authorization method.

ㆍFee : ~ 5.5 % per transaction
ㆍSettlement Period : Monthly
ㆍCancel : Partial Cancellation available Ex) Approval Cancellation – immediate, Purchase Cancellation – 3 to 4 days,
ㆍSettlement Cancellation – 4 to 5 days

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 3.Our Core Service

ㆍActive X is not required.
ㆍPrevent the payment duplication. Allow batch transaction.
ㆍCompatible with multiple Web Browsers.
ㆍCustomer support available in Korean, English, Japanese and Chinese.

◎ Bank transfer → Online Mall payment service by bank transfer that requires registration number and account number
1. Overview

ㆍAll domestic banks are available, Any web browser can be used for purchases less than 100,000 KRW transaction.
ㆍReal-time checking the record of settlement and transaction available.
ㆍFee : ~ 3.0 % (Minimum commission of 200 KRW / trans)
ㆍSettlement Period : Monthly – Every 30 days from the day of payment Ex) Pay in Feb. then Settle in Mar.
ㆍCancellation : Only possible when network system fails


3.Our Service

ㆍEvery transaction appears on a receipt and invoice.
– You may visit our website to re-issue the receipt.
ㆍA digital certificate is not required for purchases 100,000 KRW.
ㆍSafer transaction with Escrow protection. 

◎ Virtual Account → A temporary account that acts the same as a real bank account in order to make online payment possible
1. Overview

ㆍRelated to real-time transfer without a bank account.
ㆍAll Major domestic banks accept this service.
Extra software installation is not required by the banks. Real-time verification of transaction.
ㆍFee : 400KRW / trans
ㆍSettlement period : Monthly
ㆍCancellation : Only by requesting the mall where purchase was made (cancellation fee may be applied)


◎ Mobile micro amount pay → Online Mall payment by mobile phone that requires Korean resident number and mobile phone number
1. Overview

ㆍStrongly recommended for small payments and for users who do not have a credit card.
ㆍAll web browsers are compatible and Active-x is not required.
ㆍCan be activated for online store’s electronic payment method.
ㆍFee : ~ 8.0 %
ㆍSettlement Period : D+2 months (2 months after purchase)
ㆍCancellation : Only available before settlement


◎ Korean smartphone banking → Pay by Credit card, Mobile phone billing, or virtual Account on smart-phone, or other
mobile device
1. Overview

ㆍAuthorization service ISP or Ansim Click is required if transaction is more than 300,000KRW.
ㆍIf payment amount is less than 300,000KRW, authorization is not required according to FSS
(Korean Financial Supervisory Service)
ㆍFee – Credit card : ~ 5.5% | Mobile phone pay : ~ 8.0% | Virtual Account : 400KRW/trans
ㆍSettlement period : See individual service terms for Credit card, Mobile phone pay, Virtual Account
ㆍCancellation : See individual service terms for Credit card, Mobile phone pay, Virtual Account


3.Our Service

ㆍMobile OK Standard.
ㆍMobile web and Smart phone application both available.
ㆍMultiple mobile devices available.
– Smart phones (i-phone, Android, Black Berry, Window Mobile)
– Tablet PC (i-pad, Galaxy Tab), e-book
– Mobile OK standard based feature phone

Latest Web Standard OpenPayAPI Payment System
The first Payment Solution Provider compliant with PCI DSS
Self-developed FDS™
International Payment Option and Multi Currency
All Device, All Browser, All O/S Payment available
Multi-language Uni-code and Encoding support


▪ Non pop-Up and Non Plug-in Web Standard Technology
▪ Cascading Style Sheets, the customer oriented payment User Interface
▪ Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard compliant for internationally recognized security and stability
▪ Various terminals supported, ie., Personal Computer, Smart Phone, iPad, Galaxy Tab, smartTV, and PDA, etc.
▪ Payment service activated on All Browser, such as Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox, etc.
▪ Korean credit cards, bank transfer, virtual account, mobile micro, and mobile payment option
▪ International credit cards of Visa, Master, JCB, and Amex
▪ Chinese, Japanese, and European payment available with CUP, Alipay, Japanese Bank Transfer, European Bank Transfer
▪ Secured authentications like AA, ISP, Visa 3D, and Ansim Click
▪ 170 multi-currencies
▪ Multi-languages of Korean, English, Japanese, and Chinese version Uni-code and Encoding
▪ Fraud Detection Systems for online shopping mall’s transaction and chargeback management
▪ Extended payment option support in Magento, QR Code, and SNS 확장지원


What is PayGme?
Cutting-edge technology generating payment URL or QR Code anywhere that enables both the payment and public promotion through global SNS users.

ㆍE-commerce utilizing social and online media.
ㆍInternational as well as local promotion utilizing SNS like Twitter, facebook, and me2day
ㆍCut on the advertisement expenses and maximize profit
ㆍViral marketing through SNS, and easy expansion of users by making big issue
ㆍIncreased purchase rate with returning users and repetitive transactions
ㆍQuick and easy browsing and check-out
ㆍCustomers will benefit from a quick and easy customer experience while saving time and hassles in search of the right place and item to choose.
ㆍPayG API provided
ㆍServer API provided for easy creation of PayG on mobile environment
ㆍOnce the parameter for PayG is posted to API, the ,PayG QR code returns.
ㆍReal-time generation of PayG on the course of making payment available