Global Leading Payment Service

 ❖ Paygate Co., Ltd. A Payment Solution Provider in Korea leading the global payment service.
❖ Retains app. 1,000 international clients for global payment service.
❖ Growing up and leading 62% of global payment service on the market share among the Korean Psps.
❖ 70% of payment service sales revenue accrues from overseas market.

* Source from Paygate admin. panel as of October 2012.

Global Payment M/S

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International Credit Card

– Major international Credit Cards Visa, Master, JCB, Amex availableimg_card – local currencies available – We provide FDS (Fraud Detection System) for prevention of fraud. – Competitive transaction fee, short settlement period and guarantee security with several years of experience. – Prevent fraudulent transactions using CVV2, CVC2 check, Visa3D, MPI certificate and our own FDS. – Internationally recognized as a secure payment provider by PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) Certification. PAYMENT FLOW VIEW

Global Banking Service

Safe and secure tuition processing to schools in the USA. Simply deposit the tuition amount in Korean Won at a bank in Korea and it will be transferred to your school safely and easily. As a leader in tuition payment processors we are associated with over 600 schools for secured payments. Refund, tax benefit, transaction record all available. Pioneer of foreign currency. Settlement in KRW supported for clients selling world-wide. Cheap, fast, and reliable settlement through international banking network.

Payment Service for EUROPE

INPAY is a bank transfer/online banking payment system for non-card holders shopping on the international shopping malls. This is a wonderful alternative for non-card holders or those who want to avoid credit card fee.
◎ Targeting the world market with low risk ◎ High price goods at low risk of charge-back ◎ Online transaction at a low risk of fraud ◎ Alternative payment method for credit card transaction failure ◎ Easy integration ◎ Attracts non-card holders ◎ Low fee

Payment Service for CHINA

ALIPAY – The biggest online payment service ran by Alibaba group with 0.2 billion members, 2 trillion CNY annual sales revenue, and the first and best escrow service in China. Through Alipay, customers can make purchases in CNY on a shopping mall, and its merchant without Chinese bank account can be paid in USD. Open market customers will first sign up and create account at Zhifubao, connect their own primary bank account to charge necessary amount into Zhifubao to make purchases. Once the delivery is confirmed, the reserved payment amount for sellers will be paid out. As a major partner of Alipay, Paygate provides the solution and technology to make this possible.

 TENPAY – A consolidated global online payment platform by Tencent for 1.1 billion QQ users, provided to airline, logistics, insurance, gaming, and B2C industry, assisting Chinese customers to make simple and safe online transactions. When a merchant marks goods either in RMB or any other currency, Tenpay can process RMB payment from a customer’s account real-time. Payment service offered to various fields whilst efficiently preventing fraudulent transactions, maximizing payment success rate, and eventually minimizing online payment risk.

 CUP – A global card brand issued from China Union Pay withholding 3.2 billion members. 90% of those are debit card users, while the other 10 % are credit card members.

Payment Service for JAPAN

JPY BANK          

JPY CREDIT CARD supports Visa, Master, JCB, and Amex. This is a bank transfer payment option where the customer makes a direct deposit into one of Paygate Japan’s four major banks of MIZUHO, MUFG, SMBC, and JAPAN POST. Paygate Japan’s business account is operated in order to provide a secure and easy customer experience.

JPY BANK          

JPY BANK – A bank transfer payment option where customer makes direct deposit into Paygate Japan’s four major banks of MIZUHO, MUFG, SMBC, and JAPAN POST. Paygate Japan business account is operated for secured and easy customer experience.

JPY Convenience Store          

JPY Convenience Store – A payment option available in any branch of 7 major convenient store chains such as Seven Eleven and Lawson. This service has the highest rate of cash transactions with a simple and easy payment procedure while covering the whole range of users